50% there, 50% to go

50% there, 50% to go...

We've been working on reaching out to dropzones for a week now, and we're blown away by the responses. DZOs are as stoked about this as we are! 

We've only had one negative response so far, and it was a downright weird one: Skydive New Mexico, which reacted to our initial reach-out on Facebook without even bothering to respond...just by thumbs-downing the note. Ouch. Aight.

Other than that, we've been welcomed in with open arms at every turn. My heart is full. 💖 ...And I'm chomping at the bit to discover these wild and wonderful dropzones, sprinkled liberally all over the USA, which are strangers now but certainly won't be by the time summer is done. It's loads of work to put this together, but I can't think of a better cause.

Now, we're sitting at 42 days until launch, and we have 50% of the states left to cover. If you've ever read Douglas Adams, you know that's a lucky number--and we'll need all the luck (and support!) we can get for this immense undertaking.