While we're at it...

There's a lot on the table for this trip, but y'know what? There's room. Aside from skydiving and veteran issues, there are a few other topics we're going to be tackling out on the road.


Skydiving leaves a sizeable carbon footprint. So does driving a 20-year-old motorhome from sea to shining sea. So: to try to keep that in balance, we're dedicating ourselves to not producing any non-compostable waste. We'll be learning a lot along the way about how recycling works in different regions of the U.S.--and just how difficult it is to live a waste-free life.


It would be easy to float from recognizable franchise to recognizable franchise for this entire journey, but so much of America shines through its small businesses that it would be a damn shame to miss 'em. We're dedicating ourselves to staying the heck out of WalMart, Starbucks, McDonalds and all the other major multinational brands. When we find the intersection of local and awesome, we'll be talkin' about it here.

RV Life

From fitness on the road to boondocking to baking in that ridiculously teensy little oven, we're going to explore what it means to live large in 37 rolling feet.

photo credit:  Kevin Baird

photo credit: Kevin Baird