Before the storm

While Joel is in Voss, judging the 1st Annual European Championships of Indoor Skydiving, I'm in Amsterdam at a yoga retreat, pulling together my zen for the next six months of way-turned-up-pressure.

People who don't know me often accuse me of being "on vacation," as I've lived and worked for myself on the road since 2009 and it looks like a lot of fun and games from an outside perspective; the truth is that I'm a legacy workaholic, spending most of my time in beautiful places behind a laptop. Moments of actual rest are few and far between. Vacations are, essentially, never. This one, unfortunately, is not the exception I hoped it would be. (Coulda called that one.)

Come this Sunday, I'll be aeroplaning west to spend a week in Phoenix solo. I'll be getting ready for Joel to land on the 21st, which kicks off a jam-packed prep week full of paint and warm-up jumping before the starting gun goes off.

Honestly, this project is so damn thrilling--and important to me--that I'm sitting with a presentation-quality coffee in one of the world's most drop-dead-charming cities, wishing I was in the middle of the Arizona desert. 

Giddyap, already.