Snowdrifts and spreadsheets

We've been hiding out under a blanket of spring snow in the Hurricane Factory Tatralandia. The inclement weather has been a blessing indeed, as we've been flying ourselves to bits--as well as spending late nights on Google Maps, as you might imagine.

Both of us are old-hat routemappers--Joel, to plan extended sojourns in the Hermes (the Ford Transit we very lovingly converted to carry us in wide circles around the other side of the pond); Annette, to chart out the cross-country motorcycle adventures she takes her beloved Ninja 650R out on when she's Stateside.

This trip, of course, has significantly more moving parts--and partners--in order to unfold smoothly.

Luckily, Annette used to do this shit for a living. In the good-old-bad-old days, she was a producer and production supervisor of big ol' music videos, commercials, promos, name it. While there were plenty of celebrities involved, the job sounds more glamorous than it is; for the most part, it was making sure hundreds of people and dozens and trucks and that all-important food showed up on time in the right place.

After much wrangling, we're happy to debut the webpage we created for our partner DZs. Meant to make it easy for our partner dropzones by wrapping all the key information into one succinct place.

The dominoes are lining up. That's a good thing, since we're taking off a couple days earlier than originally planned, putting us just 24 days from launch.